Collaborations – music

Annie and Siân rehearsing.

Annie and Siân rehearsing.

Musician Annie Sheppard and I started working together in 2013.  Our first Collaboration was ‘Svetlana and the Stone Shoes’, which was inspired by a folk tale from Georgia.  This was performed at the Iron Duke in Hove and at the Royal Star and Garter in Surbiton.

Here is a clip from a rehearsal of ‘Svetlana and the Stone Shoes’…..

We were then commissioned to create a series of shorter, environmentally themed, stories that were performed throughout a Shamanic Camp in Dorset as part of the ritual and ceremony of the weekend.

Some of these stories were also performed at a charity event in Worthing.

‘Dark Beira’, was a piece that we created by weaving together snippets and fragments of stories about the Scottish Goddess of Winter into one hour-long performance of storytelling and music.  This piece was performed at the Open House in Brighton in November 2014.

Our last collaboration was ‘The Kingdom of the Sea’, a story of a woman who finds herself lost and alone in a hut surrounded by driftwood. The story of a man’s quest to find the ocean that lies at the very edge of the world. A story of love, loss and what lies hidden at the bottom of the sea. It was performed in 2017 and 2018.

IMG_0316 (2)

For more about Annie please check out her website

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